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The podcast where I dive deep into murders, paranormal activity, abductions, kidnappings and weird stuff. Lets see what I’m going to pull out of the bucket this week!

Who is behind the bucket of murder?!

Hey! My name is Hannah and I’m your host! I’m a one woman show. I do all the social media, research, recording and editing. So bare with me as I fumble my way through telling you all the weird stuff you probably never knew!

Here’s a small synopsis about me!

Married 10+ years
1 beautiful little girl
Born in Tennessee and lived there until I was 15
Moved to Texas and met my husband. Lived there for 10 years. 
Now we call Maryland our home! 

I’ve been obsessed with all things true crime, paranormal and just plain weird! I started this podcast because I wanted to share my love of strange with you! 

I hope that you enjoy Murder Bucket and will share it with your friends!

Thanks for joining me!

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